As the world moves towards a low carbon economy, Ecora Resources has continued to execute its strategy to build a diversified royalty company focused on supporting the supply of commodities essential to supporting a sustainable future.

Our portfolio has been reweighted to provide material exposure to this commodity basket and we have successfully transitioned from a coal-orientated royalty business in 2014 to one that by 2026 will be coal free and comprised of over 90% exposure to commodities that support a sustainable future.

Ecora has achieved this transformation through the continued rigorous application of its investment criteria which includes a focus on the sustainability profile of the underlying mining operations and projects, product purity as well as commodity end market uses.


Exit from thermal coal

  • In 2020 we made a strategic decision to make no further investment in thermal coal
  • In 2021 we exited thermal coal through the sale of our Narrabri royalty and have recycled the proceeds into royalties in commodities that support a sustainable future


Recognised by ClimatePartner as a carbon neutral company (at corporate level)​​​​​​

Offset global emissions

Offset global emissions by purchasing from ClimatePartner, a Verified Carbon Standard wind energy project


Voluntary commitments

Ecora has made several voluntary commitments to adhere to high standards of ESG performance:

We integrated qualitative disclosure against three of the four TCFD pillars: governance, strategy and risk management, alongside measurement and action on our direct Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We plan to expand our reporting to establish meaningful metrics and targets to address disclosure against the fourth pillar of TCFD.

Ecora is a member of the UNGC and is committed to aligning our operations and strategy with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We will report our progress on an annual basis with our first communication on progress to be published during Q1 2023.

We are committed to supporting our employees’ efforts to contribute to society through non-profit charitable activities. In 2021, we expanded our social commitments to include local community initiatives in London. The Ecora team volunteered in London’s green spaces to carry out conservation work to make them more accessible and safe to the public and to support local wildlife.

In 2022, we will look to carry out more conservation projects and we are also exploring the possibility of further corporate social responsibility programmes in collaboration with our mining partners.

Ecora has also made a donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee, which is a coalition of 15 leading UK charities that has launched a collective appeal to provide emergency aid and rapid relief to Ukrainian civilians and refugees who are suffering during the conflict.