Applying a proven business model

Our business model is proven and offers low risk exposure to an increasingly important basket of commodities



Primary and secondary

  • Primary royalties are a direct investment in the mine and require the royalty company to negotiate the royalty agreement with the mine operator
  • A secondary royalty is an existing royalty that the royalty company acquires from the holder of the royalty rights

Benefits of royalty investments

To the mine operator

To the royalty company




The Group utilises capital from a variety of sources, mainly cash flow from existing royalties, debt and equity, to invest in royalties and streams


The team has vast experience in structuring royalty agreements, understanding the commodity markets and completing technical due diligence, all of which inform our capital deployment decisions


Mine performance

The ability of the operator to safely execute the mine plan, meeting or beating expectations with regard to annual production volumes, is a key input to the success of the business model

Commodity price

Commodity prices will be driven by macro-economic factors and can have a material impact on the outcome of the investment decisions taken

Value creation


Through providing an efficient form of finance for them to develop or expand mining projects


Return capital to shareholders through a well covered dividend

Sector leading dividend yield


As at 31 December 2022


Provide a positive working environment with opportunities for professional development and an incentive scheme that ensures employees share in the success of the Company

Employee turnover in 2022



Through funding the production of commodities essential to the energy transition we are playing a small role in enabling the world to lower its carbon footprint