Ecora Resources believes that investment success and long-term value can only be achieved through sustainable and responsible investment with a strong focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. As a result, we are committed to integrating ESG considerations into our strategic decision making and capital allocation. 

While we do not operate any of the assets underlying our royalty portfolio and hence do not control the manner in which operations are carried out, we recognise that we face ESG risks through the investments we make and that we can use our influence to contribute to good ESG practice in the mining industry. Therefore, we seek to promote responsible mining extraction and strong management of ESG issues through a range of mechanisms at our disposal, including our policies, our due diligence on new investments and our ongoing engagement with operating partners.

At the Group level, we are committed to: 

Conducting business ethically

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Conducting business ethically and transparently, in accordance with the highest ethics and integrity (including anti-corruption and bribery) standards in all areas of our business


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Promoting and respecting the benefits of diversity among our staff at all levels of the organisation

Encouraging international ESG best practice

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Endorsing and, to the extent possible, encouraging our operating partners to align with international ESG best practice initiatives

Engaging with stakeholders

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Openly and transparently engaging with stakeholders on ESG issues