Long-term value for all our stakeholders can only be achieved through sustainable and responsible investment. We look to finance resources that enable a sustainable future, and to influence others in the mining sector towards sustainable outcomes

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Ecora’s core purpose is to provide capital to the mining sector required to supply commodities central to a sustainable future. Our initial work on the SDGs has identified two goals which we believe our business is strongly aligned to these are:



  • Description: Ensure access to clean, affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
  • Reason for alignment: Ecora invests in mining projects that will increase the supply of commodities central to the production, storage and transmission of renewable energy


  • Description: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation
  • Reason for alignment: Ecora invests in mining projects that will increase the supply of commodities central to the energy transmission that will enable sustainable industrialisation

    During 2024 we intend to conduct a materiality assessment and assurance exercise with our key stakeholders when we will consider which other SDGs align with our sustainability priorities.

ESG due diligence

We commit to conducting robust ESG risk due diligence throughout all of our investment decisions. 

Progress in 2023

  • In 2023, we turned down 15% of investment
    opportunities due to ESG-related risks identified
    during the due diligence process
  • Embedded emissions information requests as
    standard information to be provided under any
    royalty documentation

ESG due diligence

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Engaging with our operators

Be a positive influence on our mining partners. 

Progress in 2023

  • 100% of our producing/ near-term producing operating partners responded to our sustainability requests
  • Continue to explore opportunities of partnering with operators on community engagement initiatives
  • Completed Vale Foodbank donation
  • Developed a methodology for calculating financed emissions

Engaging with our operators

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Thematic investing

Investing in commodities that support a sustainable future.

Progress in 2023

  • 100% of capital deployed into future facing commodities
  • Invested $20m into Vizcachitas copper project in Chile and $7.5m into Piauí nick-cobalt project in Brazil
  • Mantos Blancos' operations were awarded the Copper Mark, and Brazilian Nickel were admitted into the Nickel Mark

Thematic investing


South32 royalty acquisition

The acquisition of the South32 royalty portfolio in July 2022 satisfied our robust sustainability investment criteria. Capstone Copper (operator of Santo Domingo) and BHP (operator of West Musgrave) are well-regarded operators with a strong sustainability focus, environmental track record, an emphasis on creating shared value with local communities, and established governance frameworks. 

In particular, the West Musgrave project scored as a tier 1 project during our due diligence process. The project has strong sustainability credentials and is expected to be 80% powered by renewable sources of energy, with plans to take it to 100% which will make it one of the largest fully off-grid renewable powered mines in the world. Water requirements at the site can be met from a local acquifier system and a bore field. The operation is envisioned to be a highly scalable, low-cost and low-emissions mine. 


Powered by renewable resources


Santo Domingo is located in Chile, in a relatively arid environment; therefore water management is a key issue. To mitigate this, the operator is building a desalination plant which will provide all water for the project reducing water stress on the local environment. As part of the Mantoverde-Santo Domingo district integration plan, the mines will share one desalination plant reducing the combined environmental footprint of the two operations.