Our purpose

Providing capital to the mining sector required to supply the commodities central to a sustainable future.

Our vision

Our vision is to be globally recognised as the royalty company of choice synonymous with commodities that support a sustainable future by continuing to grow and diversify our royalty portfolio in line with our stated strategy.  

Our strategy is to acquire royalties and streams over low-cost operations and projects with strong management teams, in well-established mining jurisdictions in the commodities that enable the energy transition or that are high quality products produced in a more sustainable way.  

Our values


We believe long-term value can only be achieved through investing and behaving responsibly.


We are committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and best practices.


We seek to achieve diversity in our investments and our team.


We believe teamwork is essential to achieving our purpose and delivering value to all our stakeholders.

Map showcasing Ecora's global reach through the obtaining assets

Our portfolio

Our portfolio has been reweighted to provide material exposure to this commodity basket and we have successfully transitioned from a coal-orientated royalty business in 2014 to one that by 2026 will be coal free and comprised of over 90% exposure to commodities that support a sustainable future.

The fundamental demand outlook for these commodities is highly attractive and expected to result in substantial price increases over the medium to long term, which should significantly increase the value of our royalty portfolio.

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Strong balance sheet

Ecora has a strong balance sheet and we deploy our free cash flow in line with our capital allocation policy to:

  • Pay down debt
  • Fund further acquisitions
  • Pay dividends
  • Provide other shareholder returns