We aim to create a safe working environment where everyone is seen, heard, valued and empowered to succeed. We promote and respect the benefits of diversity at all levels of the organisation and support personnels’ efforts to contribute to society through non-profit charitable activities.

Progress in 2023

  • Diversity training provided to all employees
  • Enhanced corporate charitable initiatives programme
  • Introduction of new health and well-being scheme for

2024 priorities

  • Continue to participate in at least one annual charitable initiative scheme
  • Continue to roll out diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities training on an annual basis
  • Expand on the Company’s employee health and well-being programme
  • Report on the number of training hours completed by
    Ecora employees in 2024

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

We value diversity, equality and inclusion and the benefits that
diversity can bring to our Board, our senior management team
and the long-term success of the Company. In 2023, Ecora
rolled out its diversity training programme which focused on
the promotion of diversity of thought and the inclusion of
different life experiences, perspectives, and ideas to maximise
the opportunity for the Company to benefit from all available
talent. Please refer to the Corporate Governance section for
further information on our diversity disclosures.


Health and well-being

Ecora is committed to promoting mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. In the summer of 2023, to promote team bonding outside of the workplace, members of the Ecora team took part in the JP Morgan Challenge, which is the world’s largest corporate running event.

Ecora offers an enhanced employee benefits package to all employees, which includes life insurance, and access to our long-term illness and sickness policy. To ensure the physical health of employees, Ecora provides access to additional healthcare benefits, including medical and dental cover, regular eye tests and flu vaccinations.

At the start of 2024, Ecora launched the help@hand service for all its employees which which provides many excellent wellbeing resources such as unlimited mental health support, lifestyle coaching and physiotherapy. During the course of 2024, Ecora will look at ways to develop further its health and well-being programme for its employees.

Training and development

We believe that supporting the professional development of our employees leads to the establishment of a strong pipeline of talent and organic succession planning from within the business. In 2023, Ecora provided opportunities for professional and personal development through workshops, speakers, online resources and courses and coaching.

Ecora employees also attend a quarterly lunch and learn series. Each lunch and learn is hosted by a department to provide all employees with insight into what each department does and its business functions.

In 2024, Ecora is hoping to create a formalised culture programme which encourages employees’ participation in networking events and mentoring schemes.

Corporate charitable initiatives

We strengthened our commitment to supporting our employees’ efforts to contribute to society through non-profit charitable activities. To encourage and support employees’ personal charitable and fundraising efforts, the Company amended its Charitable Donations Policy to implement a matched giving programme. Under the programme, employees can request that the Company matches their personal charitable donations to registered charities of their choice. The purpose of the matched giving programme is to encourage its employees to give back to various causes and initiatives that they are passionate about.

In 2023, we also continued to build on the Company’s corporate social commitments to contribute to the local community through charitable initiatives in London. The Ecora team volunteered to assist HandsOn London, a charity which works with more than 100 homeless charities, refugee centres and women’s shelters, to prepare personalised hygiene packs for the homeless.

Ecora Resources is committed to upholding high corporate governance standards as a standard listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Ecora is encouraged by the developments of the FCA to combine the existing premium and standard London listing segments into one single segment for equity shares in commercial companies (the ‘ESCC’). The Company plans to engage with the FCA after the issuance of the final transition rules and further guidance on the ESCC.