Four Mile / Uranium

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Located in the Frome Basin in the far north of the state of South Australia, 600km north of the state capital, Adelaide.






Quasar Resources



Royalty rate and type
1% NSR

Balance sheet classification
Royalty intangible

The Group has a 1% life of mine NSR royalty on the Four Mile uranium mine in South Australia. Four Mile is operated by Quasar Resources Pty Ltd (‘Quasar’).

The Four Mile mine applies the in-situ recovery mining method. Ore is extracted by pumping leachate into the ore through a series of injection wells. The dissolved uranium is pumped to the surface from multiple wells.

Ecora and Quasar have been engaged in a legal dispute since 2016 over the level of allocable charges being applied to calculate NSR revenue subject to the Group's royalty entitlement. On 13 April 2022, the Supreme Court of Western Australia ruled in favour of the Group's position that no costs incurred at the mine or at the Beverley plant, should be applied as permitted allocable charges. On 1 December 2023, the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Court of Appeal upheld the original judgement. 

Following the initial ruling, the Group received a settlement payment of approximately A$6 million, plus interest, that has been held as deferred income and will be released to the income statement in Q4 2023.

Since April 2022, the Group has also been receiving its NSR free of any deductions for extraction and processing, subject to the outcome of Quasar’s appeal. The Group decided that it was prudent to accrue the amounts relating to the contested allocable charges. With the appeal having been upheld, the Group expects to release approximately A$2.3 million of accrued income in Q4 2023.  

A total of approximately A$9.3 million, including interest, is expected to be released to the income statement in Q4 2023. This does not impact on the Group’s cash balances as these amounts have been received.

Furthermore, the Group has been awarded its legal costs of both the trial and of the appeal, which will be assessed, if Ecora and Quasar cannot reach agreement.