Encouraging sustainable practices at the industry level

Progress in 2022

  • 44% of producing/near-term producing operating partners align with the ICMM principles
  • Started to seek to align our investment strategy with the SDGs

2023 priorities

  • Continue to engage with operating partners to
    understand their energy transition plans
  • Continue to improve our disclosures by aligning
    with suitable sustainability frameworks
  • More detailed SDG alignment mapping exercise
    to be conducted

Our royalties are non-operating interests in mining projects.

While Ecora does not take an active role in the management of these projects, and generally has limited influence over the decisions of our operating partners, our purpose is to provide capital to the mining sector required to supply the commodities central to a sustainable future.

In line with our ESG Policy, Ecora seeks to promote responsible and sustainable mining across our portfolio. In order to do so, Ecora endorses the International Council on Mining and Metals’ (ICMM) 10 Principles of Sustainable Development, which promote ethical and sustainable resource development. Ecora also endorses other globally recognised mining standards such as International Finance Corporation Performance Standards, Equator Principles, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the World Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles.

Ecora started to align its investment strategy with the SDGs. During 2023, the Group intends to carry out a more detailed alignment mapping exercise to understand which SDGs closely align to Ecora’s wider business activities and ambitions (beyond its investment strategy).

As an investor, our goal is also to assist our mining partners in meeting their sustainable development goals, through supporting local community initiatives.

We were pleased that Capstone Copper, operator of the Mantos Blancos project, signed up to the Copper Mark in 2022. Copper Mark provides a comprehensive social and environmental assurance programme for copper production and is a means to demonstrate commitment to adhering to internally recognised responsible operating practices. Furthermore, in early 2023 Brazilian Nickel plc, operator of the Piauí project, announced it had joined the Nickel Mark, the nickel industry equivalent of the Copper Mark.