We commit to conducting robust ESG risk due diligence throughout all of our investment decisions

Progress in 2022

  • In 2022, we turned down 15% of investment opportunities due to ESG-related risks identified during the due diligence process
  • Acquisition of South32 portfolio royalty satisfied our robust investment criteria

2023 priorities

  • Embed emissions information requests as standard information to be provided under any new royalty documentation
  • Ongoing review of ESG risk due diligence framework and continued commitment to annually review

Our investment decision making involves the following key steps:

Initial screening

We employ rigorous screening tools and strict investment criteria to evaluate initial investment opportunities.

Tailored due diligence

We use a tailored and detailed due diligence framework to assess the full range of ESG risks facing particular assets.

Assessment criteria

We assess potential investments using a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria, which look at the level of a particular ESG risk and the way in which it is being managed.

Regular review

Our screening and due diligence tools are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they continue to reflect the most up-to-date developments and mining industry best practice.

Ecora continually reviews its ESG due diligence framework to ensure that the Company’s approach and assessment tools continue to reflect industry best practice.